ICP Board Election 2023: Call for Nominations

The activities under the term of office of three members of the ICP Board of Directors expires on 30 June 2023. In view of the upcoming 37th Philippine Chemistry Congress which is organized by the ICP, the terms of members of the ICP Board of Directors which will expire by 30 June 2023 is extended until 31 July 2023. Nominations are invited for the election of the ICP Board members who will hold office starting 01 August 2023 to 30 June 2026.

Three board members — one representative each from the industry, government and academe — are to be elected. Only active REGULAR members of the ICP (chemists) may nominate and be nominated.The following members of the ICP Board of Directors have terms which will expire on 30 June 2023:

End TermAcademeGovernmentIndustry
2023Dr. Glenn V. Alea*Mr. Angelo S. Bugarin*Ms. Priscilla Alice L. Samonte*
2024Dr. Lilibeth dlC. CooMr. Admer Rey C. DablioMr. Mark L. Grageda
2025Dr. Fabian M. DayritAtty. Ma. Cristina L. MoratallaDr. Carmela Q. Capule
* Terms to expire on June 30, 2023.

The elected members of the board are expected to regularly attend the meetings of the ICP and actively participate in activities geared towards achieving the objectives of the ICP as follows:

  1. Support the implementation of the Chemistry Profession Act and the Code of Ethics for chemists and safeguard the professional interests of the registered chemists;
  2. Make the chemistry professionals (both chemists and chemical technicians) conscious of their serious responsibilities in helping the country develop;
  3. Provide a forum to exchange ideas on the chemistry profession;
  4. Cultivate discipline among the members, develop the spirit of camaraderie, and maintain occupational standards;
  5. Encourage and foster chemical education; and
  6. Develop a continuing program of activities leading towards upgrading of standards, such as accreditation of laboratories and professional competencies.

The ICP shall adopt the following election timeline:

01 June 2023Announcement of the Call for Nominations to the ICP Board of Directors
01-14 June 2023
 15-30 June 2023
Nomination Period (Google Form will be open until 11:59 PM of 14 June 2023)
Screening of nominations
01 July 2023Announcement of official candidates to the ICP Election 2023
01-13 July 2023Posting of Commitment Statements (AVPs) of the election official candidates
14-28 July 2023Election Period
28 July 2023, 12 noonClosing of the election, during closing of the 37th Philippine Chemistry Congress
31 July 2023Announcement of Election Winners: New members of the ICP Board of Directors

The ICP shall adopt the following election guidelines, to wit:

  1. Only REGULAR members of the ICP in good standing can be nominated, submit a nomination, and vote. Self-nomination will NOT be accepted. The ICP Membership Committee shall confirm the status of nominators, nominees, and voters;
  2. Incumbent officers of any ICP Chapter or Cluster CANNOT be nominated;
  3. The ICP Election Committee will contact the nominee through the email address provided by the nominator;
  4. To be an Official Candidate, the nominee must accept the nomination by email on or before the deadline set by the Committee, with official endorsement from immediate supervisor or head of agency/company/laboratory to which the nominee is affiliated. The nominee must submit his/her CV using the ICP COMELEC prescribed format;
  5. The nomination period is from 01 to 14 June 2023. Nomination is submitted online through a Google Form, which should be accomplished by 12 noon of 14 June;
  6. The official list of nominees will be posted on the ICP website (//pornytrex.com/) by 01 July 2023;
  7. The election period will be from 14 to 28 July 2023. Each official candidate will be given a chance to present themselves to the ICP voters through posting of commitment videos on the ICP website and social media account on 01-13 July 2023. The official close of the election will be on the closing ceremony of the 37th Philippine Chemistry Congress, 28 July 2023, 12 noon. Results will be announced on 31 July 2023;
  8. The winning candidate from each sector will hold office for a term of 3 years (2023 to 2026); The ICP Elections Committee (ICP COMELEC) for 2023 is composed of the following: Dr. Lilibeth dlC. Coo (Chairperson), Mr. Mark L. Grageda, and Mr. Admer Rey C. Dablio (Members).
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